Painting & Cleaning Recommendations

PVC does not require paint to maintain its integrity. Imagination Millwork recommends painting its products if you want to seal any rough edges to increase the products' resistance to dirt and/or mildew; after installing the product, based on your fastening option, you want to achieve a uniform color; or you want to paint the product a specific color. Imagination Millwork recommend the use of a 100% Acrylic paint [no primer is necessary] like one from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. While dark colors have in the past been prohibited, Sherwin Williams now carries a line of paint that allows for a variety of darker colors. Imagination Millwork is not affiliated with either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore and does not guarantee any specific outcome from using any of these products. Always check with the manufacturer for specific instructions on how to use its paint.

Keeping your PVC product clean will help prevent mildew from adhering to the paint, or dirt, on the products. You can easily clean your PVC product using a mild detergent and water.