About Us

At Imagination Millwork, our mission is to transform ordinary houses into homes with extraordinary curb-appeal.

When Imagination Millwork’s founder was building her own home, she discovered that she was unable to purchase high-quality products that were not only striking in appearance but also required little maintenance, offered easy installation, and provided a green alternative as a socially valuable resource. As a result, she began working with a local manufacturer who specializes in PVC to create interior and exterior millwork that met her incredibly high standards. In 2008, she opened the doors of Imagination Millwork and is proud to be fulfilling her mission of helping others transform their ordinary houses into homes with extraordinary curb-appeal.

What is PVC and what are the ADVANTAGES of using it?

A German inventor first patented polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC, in 1913. During the 20th century, through better technology and refinement, PVC advanced into a versatile, cost-effective, stable, and high-density material that is used in industries such as health care, IT, transport, textiles and construction. PVC’s properties make it the perfect material for exterior and interior trim. It can be used anywhere you would use wood, but PVC offers numerous advantages over other building materials such as wood, concrete, or metal.

PVC is strong, lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective. PVC is also a socially valuable resource as it is non-toxic and recyclable. Frequent replacement is also unnecessary, and PVC requires relatively low energy use to produce*. PVC, unlike wood that has knots, splits, and voids, has a 100% usage ratio. All of these properties are good for the environment. PVC is easy to install, requiring only standard woodworking tools. Other advantages over wood are PVC’s resistance to mold, mildew, UV rays, rot, chemical corrosion (like salt), insect infestations, and bird damage. PVC does not require paint, but you can paint it secure in the knowledge that the paint will never peel due to the moisture content. Additionally, PVC is impervious to moisture, making it ideally suited for all exterior millwork including that which makes direct-ground and masonry contact.

* Source: www.pvc.org


Home with exterior faux window