Faux windows bring joy to senior living community

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Faux windows bring joy to senior living community

How do you make an interior entryway at a retirement community feel more like home? This was the challenge facing Rolling Green Village in Greenville, South Carolina.

Skip Wiggins, Director of Facilities at Rolling Green Village, knew he wanted to elevate the look of the entry for the residents and their visiting family members. The challenge was they could not make any extensive structural changes because of safety regulations.

“Real windows were not an option due to fire code,” said Skip. “We could not cut through the sheetrock on either side of the wall, as that would compromise the fire rating needed between units.”

The solution was to install faux windows from Imagination Millwork. Faux windows helped to add a touch of home to the hallway without requiring advanced permitting and extravagant costs.

Working with Imagination Millwork was an easy process for Skip and his team. “We were able to share ideas and provide options. Imagination Millwork is easy to work with and provides usable options,” said Skip. “It was very well received by both the residents and their family members.”

Faux windows offer a creative and affordable solution for senior living facilities and interior decorating. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also simple to maintain and resistant to mold, mildew, and warping. Made from PVC, the same material used in the healthcare industry, Imaginations Millwork’s faux windows are stable and lightweight. Faux windows can be painted any color, which makes them ideal for bringing cheer and joy to long-term care facilities or individual resident’s rooms.

Imagination Millwork is ready to help your senior living facility or business bring your vision to life. Our designers work with you to build and design custom products, guide you through the install process, and answer any questions. We can also match any existing styles and design requirements. Contact us today to get started with your project.

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